About the New Mexico Black Mental Health Coalition

     The New Mexico Black Mental Health Coalition (NMBMHC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization created to improve the mental health and wellness of Black New Mexicans. This is done by assisting community members to find mental health care, providing educational programs about mental health, and doing research. Founded by Dr. Stephanie McIver, Clinical Psychologist, the first meeting took place in her living room on October 18, 2014. That first gathering was of all the licensed mental health providers and behavioral health workers she could locate because even she was having a hard time finding her peers.





     There were 13 people at that first meeting.  Since then she has continued her search for others in the Black community who are licensed mental health providers, certified mental health workers, allied staff in mental health facilities, and psychology, counseling, and social work students. The NMBMHC now approaches 50 members!


     Volunteer-led from the beginning, NMBMHC members create workshops and drop-in groups, and consult about Black Mental Health often in partnership with other organizations.  Members conduct psychotherapy in a number of agencies and private practices throughout New Mexico. The Coalition meets monthly to develop programs designed to benefit the Black community, to educate providers from other communities who work with Black people, and ultimately, to improve the overall health and well-being of our beautiful and unique state.